Bringing it all together

In the beginning, Hirter Bier had a website for each sub-brand. Our first task was to strategize a plan for how to unify all of these into one home with a unified look and feel. Our team worked on the back- and front-end development of the website, enhancing the user experience. Not only have we made it easier for customers to use, but also for the company by creating separate log ins so that they only see what is relevant to their brand.
To make sure that everyone was still able to find their favorite beers, we simply redirect people to the new Hirter Bier site from any of the previous links.

hirter morchl
hirter marzen
hirter pils
hirter 1270
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A home for everything beer

All this beer talk has made you really thirsty? Well, after scrolling through the Hirter Bier website and discovering all they have to offer, you’re definitely going to want to buy some. A simple click takes you from the main website to their Bierathek, where you can purchase regional goods, clothes, and beer of course! Our team developed the store domain using Magento 2 and integrating the same look and feel we have created throughout their main website.

More history to be made

Our work with the historic beer brand continues with more exciting projects in process, like incorporating multiple languages into each website and the inclusion of franchising. But enough about that, it’s time for a beer!