c Andrew White Red Bull Illume
c Daniel Deak Bardos Red Bull Illume

Images seen around the world

A judging panel of 50 photo editors and digital experts will select 55 Finalists, 11 Category Winners and 1 Overall Winner, to be unveiled at the one-of-a-kind Winner Award Ceremony in November 2019. Afterwards, all finalist images will travel to capitals and cultural hubs on three continents in parallel as part of the entire new Exhibit Tour, providing an unprecedented level of exposure.

If you are interested into Red Bull Illume and want to collaborate with the Image Quest 2019 give us a shout – we are happy to share opportunities and will let you know what’s involved. If you are a photographer – pro, aspiring pro, or doing it just for fun – get out and start shooting now! 

c Simon Bischoff Red Bull Illume