Xtreme Efforts

The Mission: Deliver

zooom recently joined forces with renowned Japanese retail titan Yodobashi. Founded in Tokyo in 1960, Yodobashi quickly grew from a specialist camera store into a consumer electronics enterprise with an ever-expanding product range, including not only photography-related items but everything from washing machines to televisions and video games.

As Yodobashi’s new creative partner, zooom was asked to optimize the brand appearance. Since Yodobashi is primarily known as THE electronic retailer in Japan, our main challenge is to create awareness for the enormous product variety and not just the electronics available in their online store.

Starting with a brand relaunch in Japan, we redefined the Yodobashi CI and came up with a new logotype for Yodobashi & Yodobashi Xtreme, the retailer's new Amazon-style 'high-speed' delivery service. (Note: no laws are broken in pursuit of high-speed delivery.)

Our cool packaging designs delight customers when their orders are delivered - of course with xtreme speed and delivered by matching branded delivery vehicles. 

Since we're constantly working on exciting concepts and strategies for Yodobashi, all we can say right now is: pay attention.

image 1 yodobashi
image 2 yodobashi



After a few years of collaborating with Japanese retail giant Yodobashi, we’ve learned a lot – and so have they. From video marketing campaigns to product packaging, we’ve helped them revitalize their look and feel – making a serious impact to their bottom-line sales numbers. Yodobashi is our favorite reason to head east – and the delicious sushi is just a bonus.



We’re full of ideas and ready for any challenge; no matter how big or small. Jump onboard and together we’ll make great things happen.

You in?