Social Responsibility

We’re all humans on planet Earth

Social Responsibility is something we take seriously. zooom isn’t just a business – it’s an active, vital part of a small community that works together to make a better life for everybody. In both our local community here and abroad, we keep busy – not just doing business, but doing good. 


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Being able to support a cause, a vision or simply to give to make a difference to people´s life is a wonderful thing. Caring helps us become better humans.

Ulrich Grill


Not many ad agencies can claim to have purchased a llama (two, even!) but we can – they’re excellent therapy animals for the residents at the Mathiashof farm in Fuschl.

Mathiashof provides a unique environment and experience for both youth and adults with mental disabilities.

zooom is proud to support them on an annual basis with financial and material donations.

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Caritas Mathiashof

Help us supporting Mathiashof and start your Corporate Volunteering

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Wings for Life

Many may have heard of the Wings for Life World Run.

We’ve run a few miles ourselves – but zooom is most proud to be the one of the first supporters of the spinal-cord research charity when they began in 2004.

Since then we’ve built their website, worked on brand awareness, and remained an active part of the Wings for Life community. 

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Wings For Life

Spinal cord injury must become curable. Your donation counts!

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Kunsthilfe Salzburg

As a founding member of Kunsthilfe Salzburg, we’ve offered a helping hand to young creators  looking to expand their artistic abilities and reach greater audiences.

From financial support, to networking with other companies, to workshops and classes to help them understand the business aspect of being a working artist, we’re holding their hand – so they can hold the brush. 

zooom supports kunsthilfe salzburg

Kunsthilfe Salzburg

We believe that fostering the next generation of talent is a worthy investment in our future. What about you?

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Community projects in our backyard

With our offices (and homes) in Fuschl, we’re keen on being an active part of the community – emphasis on ‘active’.

Web design, flyers, and marketing for the annual ‘Run the Lake’ running and ‘Race the Lake’ swimming events is all done right here in Fuschl.

Winning said races? We’ll leave that to the athletes.
If you fancy a little bit of two-wheel trickery, take your BMX or mountain bike to the zooom Dirt Park – just don’t forget your pads and helmet! 

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Fuschl BMX Park

Enjoy our dirk-park! But remember: No dig - No ride!