Events and Experiences

Global contests or multi-sport races across the mountains, events are a great way for your brand to get up-close-and-personal. We know the ins-and-outs of what it takes to run a successful event.

With the creation and organization of a world famous event around paragliding, a sport that most people didn’t even know exists, zooom has built a foundation for the start of my personal career.

In many aspects the way Ulrich continuously works on zooom’s ongoing success keeps inspiring and guiding me on my personal journey of living the dream…

Paul Guschlbauer, Red Bull athlete and adventurer

Concept to Execution

Let us help you refine your needs further to determine what kind of event best serves you. Experience-oriented? Spectator? Participatory? Competitive? All of these can be an excellent way to tell your brand story.

If you really want to call your event a home run, it’s not just what happens on-site – it’s all about the buzz that happens before, during and afterwards. zooom can manage your event production from beginning because we know that the real work starts long before Event Day.

Event Production and Branding

From the moment the event is announced, the show has begun – you don’t want to miss a single cue. From designing an attention-grabbing activation tool or media kit, to making sure the party is started when crowds arrive – we can hold your hand every step of the way.

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Connections Count

Skills can be acquired. Research outsourced. Consultants hired. But a network? That needs to be built – and fortunately for our clients, we’ve been building ours for twenty years. Our contacts in the adventure, lifestyle and imaging industries are absolutely unparalleled – as is our willingness to help your event succeed. Which is why, for every project, we consider what’s best for consumers, as well as for the brands involved.
Collaboration is key in finding new business solutions, expanding ideas, and maximizing your market reach and impact. The benefit of working with zooom is that we have a global network of brands for you to utilize, whether it’s to reach more target audiences, invent a new product, or brainstorm unforgettable events – we’re ready!



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