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The creative brains in the zooom think tank are always working on overdrive.
Whether it’s graphic design, digital development or compelling copy, giving your brand impact with a big idea that’s rooted in strategic insights is our specialty.

Our expertise

Advertising Campaigns

Concepts have to work online and offline, complement your product and in-store presentation, and hit potential consumers at every touch point. We don’t just tell people what your USP is, we show it in a unique way that gets people talking. A way that’s consistent and always exciting.

Creating campaigns is at the root of what we do. Whether it’s for print, web, in-store, trade shows, or public spaces, we know better than most that a campaign is all of those things, and more, working together.

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Web Design and Implementation

Your website might no longer be the first place someone learns about your brand – but it’s where you have an incredible opportunity to convert them from a curious consumer to a returning customer. That’s why the presentation needs to be air-tight – intuitive to understand, easy-to-navigate, responsive and mobile-friendly, and most importantly, clear about what you’re selling.

Have something bigger in mind – like live-tracking a multi-day paragliding race across the Alps or a photo contest with over 50,000 entries, for instance? Well, we do that too.

Tailor-made Digital Solutions

Have something bigger in mind – like live tracking a multi-stage, multi-day race across the Alps, or running a photo contest with 50,000 entries, for instance?

We do that, too. 

Eye Catching & Attention-Grabbing

Graphic Design

People don’t decide what they want to look at – well-done design decides for them. That’s why we pride ourselves on excellent graphic design – in every medium. Logos, typography, illustration, icons all come together to make something with stunning visual impact.

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In-store and POS marketing

Talking to people ready to buy

Make sure your message is heard when it’s needed most, with in-store, point-of-sale marketing. From life-size (or bigger) display advertising to creative and interactive in-store displays to perfect packaging and labeling that makes your product stand out on the shelf – we know how important it is to closing the deal. It’s your last chance to influence a buying decision – what do you want on the customer’s mind when they make that choice? 

Photo and Film Productions

Beauty, manufactured

It’s never ‘just a picture’. Production values is a value we hold dear – and whether it’s still images or moving images, zooom can set up your production – and make something you can be proud of. From storyboards, to filming or shooting the action, to post-production, we set the standard high.

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zooom news oxo key visual pop

Brand Merchandise

The ultimate achievement for a brand? Fan-boy-ism. Smart, selective brand-merchandise can help turn your customers into brand ambassadors – and that’s something we can do for you. To be clear: we’re not talking about pens and notepads with the company logo that you hand out at a trade fair. We’re talking about real products that consumers want, but also ones they didn’t even know they needed.

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