Strategic Services

Marketing is about creating customer conversations.

But between brands, it’s still a battle – for market share and for mind share.  So you need a strategy of what to do when and how to do it. That’s where zooom’s strategic services come into play.

We give you the road map, battle plan, and strategy to succeed in getting your story in front of the people who need to hear it.

Communication Concepts

Giving your brand impact

Highly transmittable units of thought – that’s what we’re trying to create. That idea, twist or insight that packs surprise, insight, and information all into something your customer can easily understand.

Concepts have to work online and offline, complement your product and in-store presentation, and hit potential consumers on every touch point there is. We don’t just tell people what your USP is – we show your a unique way to talk about it – in a way that’s consistent, but exciting. 

Brand Positioning Strategy

Know your role

Who are you and what do you do? You may know the answers to these questions – but do your customers? That's Brand Positioning – and something we're experts at. Effective brand positioning is done from the ground up and it directly affects every business decision, every word, every image, every design. Don’t just sell them a product – sell them a brand/identity. You don’t want a consumer to simply purchase your product – you want them to buy into the idea of your brand.

Corporate Identity

We build your Brand Bible

Corporate Identity isn’t always easy. Pantone 2129 C, or Pantone 2129 CP? Don't know the difference? Your designers need to. Is your tone conversational, authoritative, scientific, or casual? Do you speak American English or British? You may have the vision for your brand – but you need to communicate it consumers. Consistency is key – that's why the world's most successful brands have their own bible. Whether your brand is big or small, we can help you write yours – establishing your mission, tone of voice, style guide, visual identity, logo use specs, and more.

Network enabler

Our friends are your friends

Skills can be acquired. Research outsourced. Consultants hired. But a network? That needs to be built – and fortunately for our clients, we’ve been building ours for twenty years. The benefit of working with zooom is that we can work with our network to work for you – whether it's, setting up global marketing or business partners or helping to open entirely new markets. Our contacts in the adventure, lifestyle and imaging industries are absolutely unparalleled – as is our willingness to help your campaign succeed. 



That’s why for every project, we consider what’s best not only for consumer communications, but ways in which your brand can collaborate or find a new business solution by working with other brands in our network – whether it’s media, retail, or other networks or revenue streams. We work beyond the campaign to maximise your market reach and impact. 







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