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  • Published 26 June 2024

Kitzbühel Tourism partners with zooom for brand relaunch

Exciting news for Austria's legendary tourist destination

Last year, Kitzbühel Tourism entrusted us with the exciting challenge of redefining their brand equity.

As an iconic tourist destination, Kitzbühel's brand essence needed to reflect its legendary status while embracing a fresh, modern identity. This transformation was essential not only to honor its rich heritage but also to appeal to new generations of visitors. A strong brand equity ensures that Kitzbühel remains top-of-mind for tourists, fostering loyalty and positive associations that drive both new and repeat visits.

This involved redefining its Vision, Mission, Values, Character, and target audience. We aimed to align Kitzbühel’s brand with its prestigious past and ambitious future, ensuring it stands out in a competitive landscape. Our comprehensive approach was designed to encapsulate the spirit of Kitzbühel, creating a brand equity that resonates deeply with its audience and sets the stage for long-term success.

In June, Kitzbühel celebrated a significant milestone by relaunching their brand identity at a grand event. For this, we were tasked with creating something very special; in the weeks leading up to the event, each guest received a unique metal puzzle piece with a simple instruction: bring it to the event.

At the event, the purpose of these puzzle pieces was revealed: each piece fitting perfectly to reveal Kitzbühel Tourism's new logo.
We are excited about the successful collaboration and look forward to more projects with Kitzbühel Tourism, continuing to bring their vision to life in innovative and engaging ways.

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