• AuthorKriszta Smajda
  • Published17 January 2018

Yodobashi Xtreme


Over two years ago, zooom joined forces with renowned Japanese retailing titan Yodobashi. Founded in Tokyo in 1960, Yodobashi quickly grew from a specialist camera store into a consumer electronics enterprise with an ever-expanding product range.
As Yodobashi’s new creative partner, zooom was asked to rework the brand's appearance. Because Yodobashi is primarily known as THE electronic retailer in Japan, our main challenge was to create awareness for their enormous variety of products, not just the electronic ones.

Starting with a brand relaunch in Japan, we redefined the Yodobashi CI and came up with a new logotype for Yodobashi & Yodobashi Xtreme. Our exciting packaging designs have always been well received by customers - and of course delivered to them at extreme speed by Yodobashi-branded vehicles. We are constantly working on new and exciting projects for Yodobashi, so stay tuned for more and check back soon!

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