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Integrity, focus, and excellence – our company values not only define our work, they're exactly what we look for in our team members.

zooom is since over 25 years an owner-led communication agency dedicated to building better brands through holistic marketing approaches and long-term client relationships. We prioritize passion, creativity, and calculated daring in our work. zooom specializes in sports, adventure, lifestyle, and imaging industries, combining authentic expertise and end-user insights. Our boutique agency has a global presence with offices in Austria, Tokyo, and Venice Beach, and is known for organizing high-profile events like Red Bull X-Alps and Red Bull Illume.

zooom is not your average creative agency, we pride ourselves on being approachable and down to earth. We're a dynamic team with nationalities from all over the world. Together, we inspire and aspire to push the boundaries of each and every project we engage in.

Join our dynamic team at zooom and work with top-tier clients across diverse industries such as sports (Red Bull, Schoeffel), lifestyle (SP connect, Gasteiner), retail (Yodobashi, ISHII Sports), and technology (Leica, Panasonic). Shape innovative campaigns for renowned brands and contribute to our global impact.

Position overview: Account Manager

As a Social Media Content Creator, you'll be the driving force behind our brand's visual storytelling. Your responsibility is to conceptualize, plan, execute, and edit captivating photos and videos tailored for diverse projects, including social media content, point-of-sale displays, advertisements, and potentially even television spots. Your creative vision will be crucial in maintaining our client's visual identity at the highest standard across all platforms. Your ultimate goal is to transform social media users into potential customers by crafting content that not only enhances our brand but also drives sales, effectively balancing creativity with profitability.

Key responsibilities

  • Conceptualize, create, and execute original ideas for product-related social media content with focus on Instagram and TikTok
  • Develop and maintain a consistent brand voice and aesthetic across all social media channels
  • Produce high-quality photographs and videos for social media posts, stories, and reels
  • Plan and manage content creation shoots, including location scouting and prop styling
  • Edit and enhance visual content using industry-standard software
  • Stay ahead of social media trends and platform updates to inform content strategy
  • Collaborate with marketing team to align content with overall brand strategy and KPIs
  • Analyze content performance and adjust strategies accordingly
  • Manage content calendar and posting schedule

Required Skills and qualifications:

  • Proven track record of creating engaging social media content, preferably in a product or retail environment
  • Excellent photography and videography skills, including proficiency with both smartphones and DSLR cameras
  • Experience with studio lighting and equipment
  • Proficiency in photo and video editing software (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, DaVinci Resolve, CapCut)
  • Basic graphic design skills for creating social media graphics and visual elements
  • Strong understanding of social media platforms and their best practices
  • Creative problem-solving skills and ability to work independently
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Up-to-date knowledge of social media trends and digital marketing strategies
  • Portfolio demonstrating versatility in content creation and a keen eye for aesthetics
  • English on good conversational level

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in e-commerce or retail industry
  • Knowledge of SEO and content optimization for social media
  • Familiarity with social media management tools
  • Basic understanding of analytics and performance metrics
  • Experience with mobile editing apps and tools
  • Basic Japanese proficiency

The ideal candidate will be a creative self-starter who can take a product and transform it into compelling social media content using a variety of tools, from smartphones to professional studio equipment. You should be able to balance artistic vision with strategic thinking, ensuring that each piece of content serves both creative and marketing objectives while driving brand awareness and sales. If you're passionate about creating scroll-stopping content, have a knack for visual storytelling, and love the challenge of making products shine on social media while contributing to business growth, we want to hear from you!

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Join us for several months as part of your studies and learn on the job working in one of the teams. It could be in design, events or communications. It’s a great chance to gain valuable experience. 


Your first step on the career ladder! This is the entry position for graduates looking to get started. You’ll be working on big projects right from the start and learning fast as you progress. 


This is where the magic happens. You could be an account manager, graphic designer, videographer. You already have some experience and now you’re working directly with our global sports, lifestyle and photography clients.  


You’re a great motivator and thrive on taking the lead, driving projects through from concept to completion, giving direction and sharing knowledge, while developing your own experience.


Now is the time to help shape creative and strategic vision, for example as Art Director, Head of Communications or Content Creation. You’re already an experienced leader, full of ideas and ready to take on full responsibility.


The most senior leadership role – you’ll be working directly with the CEO, leading and managing a department and working on budgets, planning, strategy development, business opportunities and human resources. 

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