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The mission

The world's leading manufacturer of rubber soles, in business since 1937, called on us to extend their grip on the global market whilst making the complexity of rubber compounds comprehensible to end users. To help spread the word, our team got down to business by creating various B2C and B2B campaign concepts.

At the customer level, we created a campaign focused on how Vibram’s sole technology can benefit hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers and climbers. From concept to delivery, zooom was the creative force behind every aspect of the production process. We held a photo shoot in Finale Ligure, created key visuals for magazine ads and took responsibility for campaign's media planning. Additional duties included strategic services and producing a series of engaging POS tools to help their products fly off the shelves. We even created a B2B campaign aimed at bringing Vibram’s ‘Litebase’ technology to the attention of product developers at footwear manufacturing companies.   

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zooom brings Vibram not only creativity, but a vision of the market in both the EU and the USA. For us, that was really important. Combined with friendship, a feeling of partnership, and of course, great results, it’s clear: zooom is a innovative global agency.

Giuseppe Grandinetti, Global Head Digital, Vibram Group



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