Yodobashi Xtreme

Xtreme goes Extreme

Free delivery within 24 hours? That’s old news. Kazunori Fujisawa, vice president of Yodobashi,realized early on that he could greatly reduce the time customers spent waiting for a delivery by creating their own distribution system, offeringsame-day delivery before it became the norm.Using the renewed brand CI, zooom created a new logotype for Yodobashi Xtreme which we placed on everything from the delivery trucks to the delivery people.

After the success of our first Xtreme Delivery campaign which raced cars, bikes and even planes against the clock, we decided to try something different the second time round. We sent Pro BMX Rider Rim Nakamura, competitorin the 2020 Olympics, and Kenichi Sato, Japan’s finest Pro Free Runner, on a mission: Deliver a package for Yodobashi Xtreme Delivery in the metropolis of Tokyo. Trying to keep up with these two champions was a challenge of its own. Needless to say, the outcome is one of the most exciting and exhilarating video series we have ever made.

jeep wrangler on red
xtreme bts 2
xtreme bts 3
xtreme bts 1
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We’re full of ideas and ready for any challenge; no matter how big or small. Jump onboard and together we’ll make great things happen.

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