• AuthorKriszta Smajda
  • Published 10 October 2017

100 Years GITZO


100 years of business is one thing, but leading an entire industry for that time is something else all together. Gitzo, the Italian-based manufacturer of the world’s most premium photographic supports and accessories has done exactly that. To mark the celebration of Gitzo's first century, zooom fine-tuned the brand’s positioning, came up with a sleek logo, as well as the claim: ‘Defining Tomorrow’.

Coinciding with the occasion was the release of two new and highly limited Gitzo tripods; ‘The Arsène Gitzhoven Edition' and the '100 Year Anniversary Edition’. We designed some new packaging for both products, and an exciting promotional video for the '100 Year Anniversary Edition’. We also produced a video interview with the nephew of Gltzo’s original founder.

It’s not just the creatives however who were busy with this one. As a full stack agency, our experienced events and communication teams were hard at work setting up parties in Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong. From concept to delivery, we took care of the venues' decorations, the creation of social media assets and the preparation of event invitations and giveaways.

Keep an eye out for more zooom and Gitzo projects in the near future. Here’s to another one hundred years of defining tomorrow!

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