• AuthorSiobhaun Hieber
  • Published 15 September 2021

Black Diamond Assigns Zooom As Lead Agency

Engineered by experts

The American-born brand, Black Diamond, is known for engineering equipment that allows people to go higher, push further, and return safely. They’re responsible for inventing the gear that has progressed mountains sports and formed a welcoming community completely devoted to the outdoors. The brand is very well-known and loved by all levels of mountain sports athletes; from the weekend warriors all the way to the record-breaking pros. Black Diamond is always exploring new ways to share their passion and empower the future of mountain sports worldwide. The brand decided it was time for some new rock-solid ideas and have officially appointed zooom as the agency to help pioneer the way forward.

© Christian Adam

Starting at the core

We’re stoked to work with Black Diamond, starting from the ground up. Not only are we redefining their vision but we are also responsible for implementing the strategic and creative tools that ensure it all comes to life. Our extensive expertise of mountain sports and the outdoors isn’t the only reasons they’ve selected us, a big part of it is our experience in managing a client with international needs.
Serving as the global lead agency for a brand such as Black Diamond requires universal knowledge, strategic know-how, and some very creative problem solving.
We look forward to this exciting adventure together and making outstanding work that resonates with the brand and all the communities involved in mountain sports.

© Andy Earl

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