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  • Published 16 November 2017



The zooomies are huge fans of sports and adventure, so teaming up with a ski resort can lead to some seriously fun projects. Our client Flachau Tourismus is based in an Alpine town to the south of Salzburg and offers a wide range of ski runs and activities. As their lead agency, we’ve worked together on many exciting campaigns over the years; and the most recent is no exception. To promote their resort, we were given the task of producing a series of short video clips, ranging from six seconds to one minute in length.

From concept, storyboarding and coordination, to the execution and post production, our video team was responsible for the entire project. Over the two day shoot, we captured some stunning footage of Flachau’s numerous activities, such as skiing, sledging and snow-biking. Think along the lines of epic drone flights and thrilling action shots.

The final result was a collection of fun and eye-catching promotional videos which can be found across their website and social channels. With the 2017 winter season upon us, its time to get your ski gear out because Flachau is definitely worth a visit. To see more of our work with them, head over here and stay tuned!

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