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  • Published 17 December 2020

Happy Holidays from zooom

We wish you a wonderful festive season!

To all our exceptional clients, fantastic partners and amazing friends,

Everyone at zooom would like to thank you for all your support during this unforgettable year, filled with new adventures and inspiring creative collaborations. The year 2020 gave us the opportunity to produce disruptive brand campaigns, fearless video productions, and events taking place across the world on various platforms.

Once again, the festive season is at our doorstep and we believe it’s time we used all our energy and everything we’ve learnt this year to focus on one very important thing… sitting back and relaxing. So, while you enjoy your hard-earned rest period, we thought it would be perfect to share some of the best things we’ve learnt this year, to take with you into next year.

We wish you a very merry Christmas, relaxing holidays, loads of family love, and all the food you can possibly eat!

Looking forward to getting together to create more memories in the year 2021.

Happy holidays and best wishes,

Ulrich, Niki, Alexandra, Alex, Anna, Anne, Astrid, Christian W., Christian L., Christina, Danish, Emily, Erek, Felix, Florian, Geza, Georg, Hannes, Heike, Holger, Inaki, James, Jamie, Jelka, Jessica, Julia, Lukas B., Lukas K., Lukas S., Manuela, Maressa, Maria, Marianne, Markus, Mona, Moni O. (maternity), Moni F. (maternity), Nadina, Nadja (maternity), Rainer, Robert, Roman, Siobhaun, Wenzel, Cody, Coco


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