• AuthorKriszta Smajda
  • Published 31 August 2018


Explore. Recharge.

Powertraveller is known worldwide for their portable chargers, but it’s not just everyday consumers who love their products. From outdoor adventurers to scientists and third world aid personnel, their charging solutions are used in some of the remotest locations on the planet.

Our team at zooom has been working with adventure brands for over 20 years, so becoming Powertraveller's lead agency back in 2017 was the next logical step. Since then, we’ve worked together on a whole host of exciting projects and there’s a lot more to come.

As firm believers in strategy, we kicked things off by repositioning the brand and revitalising their image. We started with the design of a new logo which was followed up with the execution of a fresh revamp of their CI. We also designed the packaging for their new products.

180824 Power Traveller Packaging 003

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