• AuthorAlexandra König
  • Published 03 January 2019

Walk With The Sun


Founded in 2010 by Stefan Ponsold, the Austria-based company SUNNYBAG is on a mission to bring the power of solar energy directly into the hands of consumers. Their environmentally friendly products range from stylish solar-powered backpacks, to powerful yet compact charging banks; allowing users to charge their devices while on the go.

As a big fan of all things sustainable, our team at zooom has had the pleasure of working on many exciting projects with SUNNYBAG. Following a brand equity workshop, we set about revitalizing their corporate design, creating a new logo, producing key visuals and branding their stationery. 

We also supported them with the photography and video production for the launch of their latest backpack the Sunnybag ICONIC on Kickstarter. We’re looking forward to collaborating with them on a lot more projects to come!

sunnybag Keyvisual brand iconic zooom

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