The race only goes on for two weeks, so we had to find a solution that was fast and easy to scale up, and fast and easy to scale down. Google App Engine provided us with a lot of processing power when we needed it, and we could turn it down very quickly when we didn't.

Hannes Maier, Head of Digital at zooom

Complete with 3D terrain maps, simulated flight paths and a customizable, user-friendly interface, the efficient construction and implementation of the system wasn’t our only achievement. The resulting explosion in online reach, website sessions and overall traffic was so significant that it even turned heads at Google. Impressed by our innovation and ability to activate large audiences, the tech giant decided to interview our team and feature us in a case study. They even invited us to San Francisco for a top secret project which will be revealed in the not-too-distant future.

RedBullXAlps google success livetracking screenshot
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