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  • Published 02 May 2024

A special Wings for Life in 2024

10 years of Wings for Life World Run

In 2024, the Wings for Life World Run celebrates a decade of remarkable achievements, uniting over a million participants who've collectively raised €43 million for spinal cord research.

This landmark event, held annually on the first weekend of May, spans the globe as runners and wheelchair users cover distances that last year alone totaled 2.4 million kilometers — the equivalent of six trips to the moon!

As the world’s largest running event, it continues to inspire and mobilize a massive community, dedicated to funding vital research and clinical studies aimed at finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Wings for Life and zooom

Since its inception, zooom has been a staunch supporter of the Wings for Life Foundation. This year, we are enhancing our support by facilitating an impactful exhibit at the iconic Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria. 
Our commitment includes the donation of the CSS fabric frames, which are also used for the worldwide Red Bull Illume Exhibition and enable Wings for Life to tell the story of the Wings for Life World Run with impressive images and info screens.

We've also made contributions to support the cause, offering assistance through various initiatives such as donating a portion of the proceeds from the Red Bull Illume Photobooks. Each sale of these limited-edition books results in donations from zooom to the foundation. Purchase your copy today to explore the pinnacle of adventure and action photography and support a worthy cause.

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Zooom Team

In the last decade many zooomies have ran in the race, however in 2023, we had the first zooom team, where all our office runners reached the goal as a team, via the app.

This year we will have another team who will all run together in-person and by the app.

Want to get involved? Take part in the Wings for Life World Run! It’s loads of fun because there’s no set distance, you simply run as far as you can until the ‘Catcher Car’ gets you. You can either join at one of the main locations where you can run with everyone else or take part via app wherever you are. The run starts on May 5th at 11:00 AM (UTC) worldwide and the Catcher Car sets off 30 minutes later, giving you ample time to get a good head start.

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