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  • Published 10 September 2020

COOPH wins at German Design Award 2021

Two times the success for COOPH’s innovations.

It is part of our philosophy to design products that advance the photographic community, combining functionality and aesthetics. We are proud to share that not just one, but two COOPH products have made their name at The German Design Awards; a competition that awards “projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape”. Both the Leica Double Rope Strap and Heatable Photo Vest were awarded in the Excellent Product Design category, celebrating design qualities such as functionality and operability, manufacturing techniques and quality as well as product aesthetics, to name a few.

The COOPH Heatable Photo Vest won the Excellent Product Design Award within the Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure segment for providing a solution to shooting in challenging environments. The vest has a lightweight build, reversible padded design with plenty of storage compartments and smartphone controlled built-in heating, developed in collaboration with THERM-IC, the global leader in heated garment systems for over 20 years. It keeps your core warm and also has heated pockets so that your hands are always ready to shoot.

A special mention was awarded to the COOPH Leica Double Rope Strap for Excellent Product Design in Entertainment. The new design is made using the same sturdy mountaineering rope as the original Leica Rope Strap, but this utilizes two for extra support by providing a broader surface area, distributing the weight evenly. It’s perfect for photographers who carry heavier cameras or use larger, weightier lenses. The camera strap is strong and provides a rugged yet elegant look, using only the highest quality materials.

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