• AuthorJon Parker
  • Published 20 December 2023

Happy Holidays from zooom

See you in 2024

The nights are drawing in and there is a festive chill in the air. Here in Austria we’ll come together to enjoy a hot glühwein, our Japanese colleagues will enjoy hot sake and in Venice Beach…... well they don’t need to warm themselves as much!!

We wish all of our partners and friends happy holidays and say a huge thank you. Thank you for collaborating and working with us during this busy year. In 2023 we returned with our two longest-running events. Red Bull X-Alps was a record breaking, frantic, thrilling race across the Alps and Red Bull Illume returned with style for a massive on-site Winner Award Ceremony. We couldn´t have done our events and all of our other branding activities without you, our partners and friends, so thank you.

Now it’s time to reflect. Take some time, eat some food, drink and make merry. We’ll definitely be back in 2024! We have some amazing new projects on the horizon which we can’t wait to share with you. 

Until next year then! We’re taking some time to spend with our families. Happy Holidays from: Niki, Ulrich, Rainer, Wenzel, Chiara, Inaki, Tamara, Lisa, James, Esteban, Jelka, Jon, Hannes M., Alex, Joao, Anna, Rowynn, Heike, Jessica, Lukas B., Friedrich, Jamie, Markus, Roman, Julia, Danish, Tessa, Anne, Flo, Geza, Marina, Pascal, Maximilian, Lukas K., Moni F., Christian, Marianne, Nadina, Yan, Elias, Melanie, Moni O., Hannes U., Alexander, Maria, Christopher, Tarek, Rika, Max, Theresa, Julia, Ruth, Julio, Mona and Lisi.

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