• AuthorLukas Schulz
  • Published 29 May 2020

Introducing Special Image Quest 2020

Celebrating outstanding creativity with Red Bull Illume, an event by ZOOOM.

The most challenging times bring out the most amazing creativity in people, and as we know, 2020 is proving to be nothing but a challenge. ZOOOM, the inventor and organizer of Red Bull Illume has teamed up with Red Bull for years to bring the best adventure and action sports imagery to the world through the Red Bull Illume Image Quest. Shedding light on the hard work of these photo- and videographers is something we at zooom are very passionate about. Together with Red Bull Illume we are thrilled to present another, totally new contest for adventure & action sports content creators.

The Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020 celebrates the creativity of adventure and action sports content coming out on Instagram in 2020. The ideas being shared on a daily basis are mind-blowing. It’s the kind of unforgettable stuff that makes you say, “I wish I did that”. The contest provides a platform for the people pushing the boundaries of content creation and gives them an opportunity to earn the global recognition they deserve.

The contest opens on June 1, 2020 and runs for 5 weeks until July 5, 2020. There are 3 categories in which people can submit their still or moving image Instagram posts: Throwback, Unseen, and Homework. In addition to these is Storytale; a fourth category dedicated solely to the most inventive Instagram stories. All submissions will be judged weekly by the internal Red Bull Illume jury who will select the best 5 still and 5 moving images per category, plus the 5 top stories. The community gets to vote for their favorites every week, with the weekly winners announced every Monday. These weekly winners will be adjudicated by an external panel of photo editors, digital experts, and world-renowned athletes until there are 3 Overall Winners.

Along with conceptualising, communicating and project managing the entire competition, zooom is also responsible for the back-end development that ensures the voting process runs smoothly on redbullillume.com.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional photographer or a first-time content creator, it’s the idea, creativity and execution that really counts. Enter your 2020 adventure and action sports Instagram content and your work could be featured alongside the winners of Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2019 in the Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour currently touring the world.

Find out how to enter at redbullillume.com and follow them on your favorite social media channels to stay in the loop!

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