• AuthorSiobhaun Hieber
  • Published 15 December 2021

Making Mountopolis

All year action

In the heart of the Zillertal mountains, you can find the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, offering the absolute best experiences in one of Austria’s most visited regions for outdoor activities. You see, it’s so much more than just a mountain lift, operating between the famous Harakiri, the steepest groomed slope in Austria, and the Penken with fun activities for everyone. The brand approached us, seeking bold new ideas to let the world know that they have it all, all year long; from hiking in the springtime to skiing down a 78% incline, you are guaranteed to have an epic time!
They wanted to bring their countless mountain experiences to a broader target audience with an eye-catching brand refresh, which you can check out here!

zooom project mayrhofner bergbahnen 200506 MAY Papercuts Winter CL 696 01JK
zooom project mayrhofner bergbahnen 200506 MAY Papercuts Winter CL 706 01JK copy

Introducing… MOUNTOPOLIS

Introducing… MOUNTOPOLIS! The ultimate adventure park for outdoor lovers, with two peaks and a thousand possibilities- all made possible by Mayrhofner Bergbahnen. The big idea needed a look-and-feel to match, one that stood out amongst every other snowy ski photo and showed the variety of activities. So, we created an entire landscape out of paper (trees and all) and shot it for print and video snippets.
The entire thing was 3x2 meters big and we’re doing it all over again for spring and summer.

zooom mayrhofner Papercut Mayerhofen Geza 5
zooom project mayrhofner bergbahnen 200506 MAY Papercuts gondel

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