• AuthorKriszta Smajda
  • Published 20 February 2018


Think brilliant with zooom

Red Bull Mind Gamers is one of Red Bull's recent endeavours and aims to push the problem solving skills of its participants to the very limit. Comprising a series of mental and logical challenges, players must complete a range of online games, quizzes and challenges designed by some of the world’s brightest puzzle-designers. When ready, participants can then take part in competitive tournaments around the world; from Escape Room challenges to Rubik’s Cube speedsolving.

To build awareness for this new project, Red Bull reached out to zooom to create an exciting key visual that would promote the contest and its website to prospective players. Fortunately, our skilled team of graphic designers were quick to find the solution. Using a number of equation-themed graphic elements, we created a dramatic and intriguing visual that will inspire the minds of all who look upon it!


news image 19 02 2018

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