What to expect

After receiving your application we check if you are an interesting candidate to join our team. Depending on the position we are looking candidates for, our hiring process might vary a little bit. But in general we try to keep our hiring process as short as possible and you might be undergoing the following three phases.

Step 1

Phone Interviews and Skill Tests

Depending on the number of candidates and the vacancy, we might use phone interviews to identify and recruit candidates for employment. With phone interviews we narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for in-person interviews. To get a better impression of you, we often also use Skype or video instead of phone.

If you apply for a position where highly specialized skills are required - mostly programming, you might be asked to complete a small skill test.

Step 2

first in-person interview

The first in-person job interview is typically an interview between you and Niki & Ulrich Grill. We will ask questions about your experience and skills, work history, availability, and the qualifications we are seeking in the optimal candidate for the job.

As we hire humans not suits, smart casual is totally fine for us. 

Step 3

second interview

A second interview will be a more in-depth interview with you. You may meet with management, team leaders, and other company employees. Once you're scheduled for a second interview, you're most likely in serious contention for the job.


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