Spring cleaning

The budding blossoms and baby birds aren’t the only things that warm weather brings, the Waldhof family have also been very busy introducing a young group of apprentices to the way of life at the unique all-year round resort. In the kitchen, the chefs have been experimenting with new recipes using the region’s freshest seasonal ingredients; whilst in the forest, the fresh herbs were collected for soothing spa days.

Our zooom team was there to capture and collect every charming moment of the hotel’s season refresh, which included providing the employees with new portraits and photographing the chef’s newest creations. The annual Waldhof Post was updated with all the latest designs and beautiful images for the new year of new offerings.

Time to relax

One thing we know for sure is that the Ebner’s Waldhof is ready to make your holiday dreams a reality at their luxurious resort in the middle of picturesque Fuschl am See. We know where we’re going on our days off…