• AuthorSiobhaun Hieber
  • Published 05 April 2022

A futuristic delivery

Take it to the sky

Yodobashi Xtreme is all about pushing the expectations of delivery far beyond ‘normal’ and they just keep raising the bar - but so do we. That’s because every time we create something for this client, we know it’s the ultimate opportunity to challenge how far we can stretch our (and the client’s) imagination. So, we decided to do things that no one has ever thought of before.

In one video, our delivery hero saved the day by jetboarding across rivers and lakes to catch up with a group of kayakers; in the second video we predicted a future in which we all have our own delivery drones. This involved finding athletes of a different kind, ones that could fly over mountains, through narrow tunnels and tight ravines. We needed the world’s best drone pilots.

yodobashi bts 1
yodobashi bts 2

A full production in action

All of the action began in a modern chalet along the beautiful Salza River in Austria, where the super skilled drone pilots zoomed, one after the other, through the mountainous terrain. And just to give you a sense of how fast these guys were flying, they’re used to filming F1 cars racing around the track at 360 KPH - that’s some serious speed. The video includes everything from drones zipping through treacherous mountain caves and waterfalls, to high-tech CGI scenes in the Yodobashi warehouse, fulfilling the client’s vision.

Further down along the Salza River, we set our jetboarder off in hot pursuit of some kayakers who desperately needed a new GoPro and our content team were right there in the action - literally, our film guy was knee-deep in the icy cold water! The stunning footage all came together in the edit suite to create this world-first video.

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