• AuthorSiobhaun Hieber
  • Published 03 December 2020

A new season of Gaissau Hintersee

A fresh coat for the ski season’s comeback

There’s one thing we’re all hoping for this year, and that’s snow!
After a long year of events, Gaissau Hintersee is ready to welcome everyone back to their homey ski resort for lots of outdoor fun. The resort has new owners whose hearts beat for Gaissau and who are just as passionate about its heritage as they are about adding a newfound excitement to winter activities. 

We’re excited to work with one of our favorite nearby ski resorts, helping them get a start on bringing their vision to life. A big part of this is the design of various elements, this includes creating a new online shop, the layout of the ski tickets, and a limited edition gold season ticket. A new look for the brand also means a new look for the resort, so we’re also designing masks and scarves for the employees; layouts for price folders; as well as print and social ads to promote the reopening and sale of tickets to locals in the region.

Some might say that winter is the best time of year, and with Gaissau Hintersee opening up for the season, we can say that we completely agree! To find out more about what the resort has to offer, visit gaissauhintersee.at for more info.

Gaissau Hintersee Sessellift
Gaissau Hintersee Skiers 1
Gaissau Hintersee Saisonkarte

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