• AuthorJon Parker
  • Published 26 June 2023

Introducing Helioflex!

Our sister company COOPH launches versatile backpack on kickstarter

COOPH – the Cooperative of Photography empowers anyone to go get out there and get the shot. If you have a smartphone with a camera, then you are a photographer or creator. COOPH creates photography accessories and apparel for everyone. Their newest release follows this trend, the HelioFlex Backpack is modular, sustainable and moves modern lives. It is available on Kickstarter till July 26.

Ulrich Grill, the founder of COOPH and zooom’s very own Chief Mechanic is over the moon for the new product: “We’re really excited to launch the HelioFlex backpack. It has been everywhere with us, for over 5 years.” He continues: “It’s a versatile tool for creatives and digital nomads on the go.” 

So what separates HelioFlex from other backpacks? Every detail has been meticulously thought through. It is fully modular, with two front bags and a camera cube which all attach seamlessly to or in the HelioFlex base unit. There are three colour options and clever details throughout. Sustainability and long-lasting quality were key factors when designing the bag. It has 80% recycled fabrics, vegan cactus leather and the option to generate clean energy through solar power. COOPH partnered with SUNNYBAG to create the optional Solar Front Bag which can charge devices or keep them going for longer.

cooph taking urban daypacks to the next level promo grid 1
cooph taking urban dayspacks to the next level promo grid 2
cooph taking urban dayspacks to the next level promo grid 3

HelioFlex is COOPH’s first project on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The campaign runs from June 26 till July 26. Further details are on Kickstarter or on store.cooph.com.

The project was a new experience for the teams at COOPH and zooom – from concept and brainstorming to photoshoots in LA and Salzburg till finalizing the assets in Fuschl. We are really happy with the campaign we have tailored to Kickstarter. Secure your bag now and benefit from early bird offers!

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