• AuthorRoman Denkmayr
  • Published 27 October 2021

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Having A Cup With Julius Meinl Coffee

We are delighted to announce that Julius Meinl Coffee, one of austrias best-known brands and the leading premium brand in HORECA has decided to work with us in order to refresh their brand. Active in more than seventy countries and well rooted in international food retail, Julius Meinl Coffee is one not to miss on your breakfast table or when visiting a fancy restaurant. Our mission is no less than to position the brand at the top of every coffee lover’s mind, starting with a national brand campaign in Austria.
zooom is happy to share this news with you and can’t wait to show you the first results of our caffeinated cooperation!

zooom Julius meinl project L107023889
zooom Julius meinl project JM 10214 2012 Markenkampagne BogenPlakat roaster PRINT 03

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