• AuthorRoman Denkmayr
  • Published 27 October 2021

Expertly blended

Julius Meinl Coffee and zooom

On an auspicious day in the year 1877, Julius Meinl II revolutionized coffee roasting, making his family name synonymous with exceptional coffee creations. Nearly 160 years later Julius Meinl Coffee is one of those brands every Austrian knows, no matter pre-schooler or retiree.
Famed for their uncompromising quality and their connection to the Viennese coffee house culture, you are most likely to enjoy their products at a fancy restaurant after dinner or sided with a sacher cake, watching people walk by in the old city.


As the leading premium brand in HORECA, active in more than seventy countries and well rooted in national and international food retail, Julius Meinl Coffee reached out to zooom in order to modernize and grow their brand. Starting with a national brand campaign in their home market Austria, our ambition is no less than to position Julius Meinl Coffee at the top of every coffee lover’s mind.  

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The three main visuals of our campaign have been crafted from scratch by our creatives and were shot by our photographers in the course of two days in two stunning locations within Austria’s beautiful capital. If you’re among the two million inhabitants of Vienna then you’ve probably already seen them pop up somewhere close by. We are more than delighted about the first results of our collaboration with Julius Meinl Coffee and look forward to the smell of their delicious products lingering in our office for many more years to come!

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