• AuthorRoman Denkmayr
  • Published 20 May 2021

Gasteiner is keeping it fresh

Quench your thirst – with Gasteiner and zooom

The beautiful valley of Gastein in Austria has many wonders to offer, one of them being the renowned water brand Gasteiner. Their unique water starts its journey at 2,200 meters on the highest peaks of the pristine national Park “Hohe Tauern” and filters through 300 million-year-old rock strata for nearly a century before finally getting bottled and served. Thanks to its natural origins, the water tastes pure and fresh, having an energetic effect.

It‘s always a treat to work for a client with such a unique product, so naturally, we were thrilled when Gasteiner asked us to be their lead agency, supporting them with our unique know-how of lifestyle audiences and wealth of experience in all things mountain. We are not allowed to tell you much more just yet, but rest assured we have lots of surprises planned that will stir up the market. Keep your eyes open for what’s to come, stay hydrated, and a healthy “Prost!” to all of you out there!

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