• AuthorSiobhaun Hieber
  • Published 22 December 2021

It’s time to celebrate!

A new year brings new opportunities.

Here we are again, celebrating another year of fantastic ideas and wonderful collaboration, and feeling grateful for all of our super clients, partners, and friends at zooom.

Our 2021 has been a real adventure; whether the brief took us up frozen mountain tops or downstairs to our very own studio, we had the best time creating memorable work together. It’s definitely a year that we can all be proud of and we believe there’s really only one thing left to do: relax!


Take off your working hat and join us in pouring a glass of bubbly, a cup of tea, or even a mug of hot chocolate (or any drink that brings you joy) and toasting to an awesome 2021. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and use the time to reset and recharge before we kick off again in 2022.

Wishing you happy holidays, a merry new year from all of us at zooom!

Niki, Ulrich, Rainer, Rob, Wenzel, Christina, Manu, Theresa S., Mona, Hannes, Julia, Phillip S., Chiara, Emily, Monika O. (maternity), Monika F. (maternity), Alexandra (maternity), Johannes, Theresa G., Heike, Georg, Katharina, Roman, Siobhaun, Jamie, Christian, Lukas K., Phillip G., Julio, Holger, Fabian, Marianne, Elisabeth, Florian, Erek, Noro, Anne, Anna, Esteban, Coco, Adrian, Astrid, Markus, Maria, Geza, Jessica, Nadja, Lukas B., Danish, Alex, James, Nadina, Maressa, Minh, Cody, Inaki, Rowynn, Julian & Viktoria.

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