• AuthorSiobhaun Hieber
  • Published 04 August 2021

Japan’s New Zooom

The Japan Office is officially open

In the middle of one of Tokyo’s most special wards, you’ll find the shiny new zooom office. It’s so fresh, you can still smell the paint. A milestone achievement, zooom’s incredible new grounds already feel like home and the ideas are flowing. Perhaps the fresh coffee machine is also to thank here.

picture perfect location

The office is located in the major commercial and entertainment ward called Shibuya City, where you can experience everything from Tokyo’s busiest crossing, to gigantic modern skyscrapers and traditional rice fields. Spend your breaks shopping for the latest fashion in Harajuku street, or explore the second-hand shops in Cat Street. Our team has already found their favorite lunch spot though, because just 5 minutes away, with one of the company’s e-bikes, lies the picturesque Yoyogi Park - right next to the huge man-made forest that’s home to the famous Meiji Shrine.

zooom office shibuya tokyo 2
zooom indoor office shibuya tokyo 1

new spaces new ideas

There’s nothing more refreshing than a change in scenery. Our zooomies are super excited to be in their new space and look forward to all the epic projects we’re going to bring to life in these rooms.

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