• AuthorJon Parker
  • Published 24 January 2023

Panasonic launches new epilator

zooom crafts a campaign

Panasonic is a brand known across the globe, specializing in electronics from their base in Osaka, Japan. This year, they reached out to us at zooom to launch their new EY line of epilators. Launching a brand-new product into an already competitive beauty and skincare market is no easy task, however we at zooom are used to challenges.

To launch the innovative new product

We were tasked with creating the concept, shooting the product in use and tailoring the assets to the different channels. We envisioned the “Zero Fuss” campaign and took a special trip to Hamburg to shoot with beauty photographer Florian Grill. Check out the photos and videos here and see how we craft a campaign.

We are thrilled with the results from collaborating with Panasonic and it’s great to see the products hit the market. Check out how we at zooom can help bring your campaigns or products to life.

zooom news panasonic fw22 swiper image model
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zooom news panasonic fw22 on set swiper image
zooom news panasonic swiper image fw22
zooom news panasonic fw22 swiper image crew

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