• AuthorTarquin Cooper
  • Published 13 June 2022

Spinning a social story for OXO

From your kitchen table to your social feed

We were thrilled when the kitchen utensils maker OXO asked us to support them with a creative concept for their iconic glass salad spinner. The global brand is known for their high quality and thoughtfully designed kitchen accessories.

The task may have seemed simple, but it's the details that make all the difference. The goal was to develop a digital campaign strategy to gain traction in the UK, French and German markets that would clearly stand out from the competition. 

Spin it. Serve it. Love it.

To show the product in the perfect light, we set up a photo and video shoot, bringing in renowned celebrity chef Jörg Bruch on board to support us. "Spin it, serve it. Love it" - with this simple claim we brought the benefits of this clever product to life. Such was the success of our social campaign other markets in the EU and US want to use the digital assets we created. It’s a job we all feel proud about.   

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