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  • Published 29 April 2020

The beauty of imperfection

An analog trip to the Beach with leica



Whenever our society develops into one direction, there is almost certainly an opposing trend. In the midst of the “age of Instagram”, many photographers are rediscovering the unique feeling associated with shooting on film. To find out why, we took New York based photographer, Joe Greer, on a surreal trip to the beach, resulting in our latest video for Leica.



Working largely with his beloved Leica M6, Joe artfully composes analog images that he shares with a global audience via social media. His distinct style is best described as an honest look at people, nature or places, that he quite simply calls “life photography”. Equipped with several Leica cameras and excessive amounts of joyful anticipation, our team travelled to California to take Joe on a journey to the very misleadingly named Bombay Beach.



Bombay Beach is situated right at the shore of a toxic lake in the far south of California and surrounded by a desert landscape that holds some of America’s weirdest drop-outs. This place might have seen better days commercially - but artistically it’s in its prime. Known as a legendary holiday resort before its demise, Bombay Beach has been revived by a bunch of Los Angeles’ artists over the last years. Using the town as a playground for their imagination to run wild, they created a stunning visual scenario that photographers immediately fall in love with.


It’s the perfect backdrop to show what analog photography with a Leica is all about! While Joe documented the out-of-this-world aesthetics of Bombay Beach in his unique style, we grilled him about his life, his love for analog, and where he thinks its sudden rise in popularity comes from. If you want to find out more about Joe Greer and a crazy spot called Bombay Beach, feel free to check out the video! Enjoy and don’t forget to stay weird.

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