• AuthorTarquin Cooper
  • Published 12 July 2021

The Final Countdown to Red Bull Illume 2021

A game-changing shot

2021 sees another edition of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest, the world’s greatest adventure and action sports imagery contest, which gives photographers a platform to showcase their hard work and creativity. It’s a project zooom has been responsible for from day one.
Our teams develop everything from the concepts to the graphics; from building hype to building websites; all the way through to media relations and execution of the big event. Red Bull Illume Image Quest has evolved to become more than just a photo contest, it’s a life-changing opportunity for professional and amateur photographers all over the world. It’s a community.

Still time to enter

The submissions phase is open until July 31, 2021 – still time for anyone to enter. There are ten categories, from Creative to Lifestyle, Emerging to Photostory – something for every type of adventure and action sports image. Images can be uploaded to the website redbullillume.com or via Instagram for the Best of Instagram by Lenovo category. Moving images up to 60s can also be entered in this category.

Thanks to zooom’s global network of partners, Red Bull Illume is supported by leading technology, photography and outdoor brands like Lenovo, SanDisk Professional, Leica and Black Diamond, meaning a total prize pool worth €200,000. But it is not for prizes that photographers enter Red Bull Illume. It is for the prestige and honor. The real prize is unprecedented exposure and global recognition. And that is priceless.

Enter now for a chance to win!

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