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  • Published 14 April 2020

The Leitz are still on

zooom produces magic with Leitz

Leitz gives storytellers the tools that bring their visions to life with their iconic lenses and camera mounts. Lots of TV and cinema classics have been shot with Leitz lenses; think of titles like Chef’s Table, Stranger Things, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The current situation has put many things on hold, including making Oscar-winning stories. But the one thing that hasn’t stopped? Our ongoing pursuit to produce amazing work with clients like Leitz.

While the movie industry takes a break, we’ve taken the opportunity to get all the legendary lenses in one room. Our team has been busy getting ready for the launch of the new Leitz website, working together with our client to ensure everything from design to functionality is absolutely perfect. This includes a product photo and video shoot for their new lenses: The Leitz PRIME, the Leitz ZOOM, the Thalia Makro set, and the Gold Edition - a special edition set that contains one lens of each group in a unique golden finish. They look absolutely amazing in pictures and we can confirm they look even more beautiful in real life; a true testament to Leitz craftsmanship.

Stay tuned for the launch of the new Leitz website, where you can view the brand new product visuals and videos shot in our very own Fuschl studio.

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