• AuthorKriszta Smajda
  • Published 30 May 2018


New brand positioning

Our cutting-edge work for premium tripod manufacturer Gitzo quickly caught the attention of Manfrotto. Also producing photographic supports and accessories, Manfrotto is another world-renowned brand belonging to the Vitec group. To distinguish Manfrotto from the rest of the Vitec portfolio, they approached us to define their positioning.

Implementing a strategy for Manfrotto's wide variety of products and broad target market is no easy task. Luckily, our committed team of zooomies are always up to the challenge. To coincide with the 2018 Photokina trade show, we’ve been hard at work preparing a new product campaign which will be unveiled at the event itself in Cologne, Germany. We’ve got big plans in the works too; right now it’s top secret, but you can expect more campaigns and collaborations in the very near future.

manfrotto cover

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