• AuthorSiobhaun Hieber
  • Published 04 January 2022

Zooom Is Officially Climate Neutral

A certified celebration

Our goal of becoming an eco-friendly agency is well underway because as of the beginning of 2021, we are officially a climate neutral company! 
Over the years we’ve been finding ways to cut down on our carbon emissions, like installing solar panels, switching to CO2 neutral heating in our building, and changing our company car to an e-car. Additionally, we’ve taken it a step further and joined ClimatePartner, a globally recognized institution, by compensating for any residual emissions we are still producing through contributing towards sustainability projects. The funding goes towards assisting with internationally recognized climate projects, making sustainable changes in agriculture, as well as projects that secure natural forests and alpine regions.

Going above and beyond neutral

Is zooom totally carbon free?
Not yet, but we are constantly researching and implementing the changes we need to make to get us there because our doesn’t end here. Whether it’s switching to electric cars or using the power of the sun, one thing is for sure: We’re on Earth’s side.

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