Building success from the ground up

For us here at zooom, it all started with a question – how to pay tribute to the Schöffel legacy and make the brand fit for an entirely new segment at the same time?
Knowing how important it is to get things right from the very start, we began with a solid foundation: our team of strategists, concept developers and art directors reworked the brand strategy, CI, logo and font, while our in-house photography experts developed a unique signature style for the brand. Having all the building blocks ready, we went on to assemble them for our strategic showpiece, the new Schöffel brand campaign.

05 SML SEGMENT A3 Landscape

Legends don’t waste time

Featuring legendary athletes Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Benni Raich, Ralf Dujmovits and Roman Rohrmoser, just to mention a few, our campaign delivers a timeless message that has never been as topical as today: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. Weeks of shooting video and photo content took us from pre-sunrise mornings to caffeinated nightshifts, from urban outskirts to deserted mountain passes and all the way up freezing cold peaks.
It was fun, it was wild, and we can’t wait for the campaign to hit the on- and offline world, hopefully paving the way for many more centuries of success for our dear friends at Schöffel!