• AuthorJon Parker
  • Published 05 February 2024

California Dreamin' for yodobashi xtreme

Zooom delivered xtreme to the desert

For Yodobashi XTREME we have always tried to push the boundaries of what is possible for extreme delivery methods. In the previous ten we have shown freerunning, mountaineering, jetboarding and even flying with helicopter for the most outlandish concepts for Yodobashi to deliver parcels. For the next two XTREME videos we kept to the ground, but barely! 

Taking a trip to the desert

This video’s shoot needed sand and gravel, so we headed for the desert. More specifically, Owens Valley area in California and Sand Mountain close to Reno, Nevada. For the first video we envisioned a high-speed XTREME-branded buggy racing through the desert to get the parcel to the customer at Mach 10. The fully custom “Jackal” all-terrain vehicle was wrapped with the Yodobashi colors and put through its paces riding rocky single-track roads, off road and even up sand dunes.

The second concept was even more ambitious. We planned a ‘sand boarder’ riding a snowboard down a sand dune then teaming up with the XTREME-branded Jackal for a short tow to wakeboard then finishing riding down a gravel dune. It sounds fantastical, but words can only do the ideas so much, check out the footage and be wowed.

zooom news yodobashi xtreme 7 8 image 01
zooom news yodobashi xtreme 7 8 image 02

Californian Connections

Our international bases allowed us to plan and execute such a stunning video shoot. We have on office in LA and connections with the adventure and action sports communities that allowed us the find the right people including Rhys Millen the driver and creator of ‘The Jackal’. LA acted as a great base for our team of art directors and videographers who are now used to filming outlandish and bizarre concepts for out Japanese clients. No idea is too big – don’t just take our word for it, check out our previous work for Yodobashi

zooom news yodobashi xtreme 7 8 image bts 01
zooom news yodobashi xtreme 7 8 image bts 03

Get involved

It’s hard not to be inspired by footage like we shot for Yodobashi. If you feel like you need an exotic photo- or video shoot in a far-flung locale, then get in touch. Or if you simply want to elevate your brand and use our expertise building better brands, large or small, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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