• AuthorRoman Denkmayr
  • Published 19 January 2022

Reinventing Legends with Leica

Leica M11, rebuilt

It’s not very often that you get sworn to secrecy while working on a product release which the entire photography world is eagerly awaiting. Finally, the time has come to share our big secret with you: the new Leica M11 has officially been unveiled! While staying true to its classic look, the entirely rebuilt M11 features an exclusively designed full-frame sensor with Triple Resolution Technology, granting free choice between 60 MP, 38 MP and 18 MP.

Reinventing Benchmarks

This incredible piece of technology is built to impress and guarantees to set a new benchmark in rangefinder photography! For the landmark launch of the Leica M11 we came up with a creative concept that pays tribute to the reinvention of a legend and explored innovative ways how to present Leica’s flagship product to a global audience. It’s another successful campaign produced by zooom and Leica and totally worth checking out.

leica m11 mockup

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