Image Essentials

Our favorite little Red Dot

For photographers in the know, that inconspicuous little red dot on the front of a camera means one thing: it’s a Leica. Few brands in the world can claim the reputation for quality that Leica can; few agencies can claim to have worked with such an iconic brand. We’re one of them and we couldn’t be more proud. 

Over the years, we’ve learned a great deal from our many projects together. From tutorial videos for the Leica M, to technical explainer videos for the Leica SL, we’ve created promotional films and distributed content for the brand all around the world. Key visuals… print ads… international campaigns… you name it, we’ve done it!

surf ad 3 leica

Instant photos on a whole new level 

‘Polaroid’ has become the generic term for any instant camera around, but one of them stands out from the rest: The Leica Sofort. A vintage-inspired camera that offers on-the-spot photos in true Leica style and tradition.

Our campaign was aimed at sophisticated image makers – people who care about composition, technique and aesthetics. We wanted to show them the beauty in everyday life whilst demonstrating the many great reasons to keep your Leica Sofort close at hand. 

rooftop ad leica

A real-deal adventure camera

For years, ‘outdoor’ cameras languished in the world of the point and shoot; poor image quality, little to no manual control, cheap materials and limited features. We wanted a camera that could get wet and stand up to real adventures without compromising on the performance or quality. We planted the seed and they followed up with the Leica X-U; a truly one-of-a-kind camera. To coincide with its release, we executed a full-scale launch campaign… and the rest is history.

sand key visual leica
water key visual leica

Making Merchandise that matters 

Merchandise done well is an excellent tool to help turn fans of your brand into its greatest ambassadors. For Leica, our t-shirt series featured stylish designs and slogans that guarantee to put a smile on the face of any photographer. See one of these rare finds in public and you’ll know they're part of the club. 

img sl leica
skater mortagne leica

Always innovative, modern, and creative – with an eye towards the future and full of ideas. That’s my experience with zooom productions. When you walk into the agency you’re greeted with not only young, adventurous people, but a friendly and inspiring atmosphere.
Founder Ulrich Grill’s interaction with his young team is authentic and effective – they’re enthusiastic and engaged. It’s always a pleasure to work with zooom.

Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, Art Director and Chief Representative, Leica Galleries International



What brings us the most enjoyment out of our work with Leica? That we get to help them with so many unique projects surrounding the brand  – from ambassador projects, to classic advertising, to unique branded merchandise that helps the brand find new audiences and fans. One thing is for sure – like the value of a Leica camera, we hope this friendship is forever.  



We’re full of ideas and ready for any challenge; no matter how big or small. Jump onboard and together we’ll make great things happen.

You in?