• AuthorTarquin Cooper
  • Published 20 June 2021

Worlds toughest adventure race has begun!

Against the odds, zooom pulls off the impossible to make the race happen.

Organising a race with athletes from all around the world at this time of year was always going to be a challenge. With the Olympics in doubt and other sporting events postponed and cancelled, there were many sceptics who said it couldn't be done. 

But on June 20th 29 athletes from around the world began a hike and fly race across five countries of the Alps. 
This was the start of the Red Bull X-Alps, a hike and fly race around five countries of the Alps. For months, zooom had fought to have the race recognised as an elite sporting event in order for it to go ahead. 

Amid tight restrictions and safety rules, we succeeded in ensuring the race could proceed as planned in historic Salzburg, Austria.

How it's done

zooom productions organizes every aspect of the race, from running the event to producing the film and media productions that follow. The world-leading live tracking is also created in-house with global partner ESRI to create an unbeatable mapping system that allows millions of fans to follow the race remotely. 

The race is supported by the partners Land Rover, who has supplied several Defender vehicles for crew and athletes and Xiaomi, the technology giant. A host of other brands also sponsor the race.  

The race is due to end in the lakeside resort of Zell am See on July 2nd. Follow the action on Live Tracking!

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