What is Red Bull Illume?

Red Bull Illume is the world’s greatest adventure and action sports imagery contest. Founded in 2006, it showcases the most creative and captivating action images on the planet, while illuminating the passion, lifestyle and culture of the photographers behind the lens. It’s a truly global phenomenon, known as the Oscars of adventure and action sports imagery, with a growing following around the world. Uniquely, Red Bull Illume is not just a competition but a global exhibition; after the winners are revealed, they tour the world displayed on 2x2m lightboxes, reaching new audiences at select venues. 

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Guarantee of excellence

Red Bull Illume offers potential partners something extremely valuable – a guarantee of excellence. The digital landscape is overwhelmed with mediocre photography. What the contest offers is access to the very best photography in the genre, a library of 60,000 adventure and action sports images together with the stories associated with the shot and the photographer. It’s a rich mine of content. 

red bull illume overall winner 2023
Overall Winner 2023 © Krystle Wright / Red Bull Illume
red bull illume overall winner 2021
Overall Winner 2021 © Will Saunders / Red Bull Illume
red bull illume overall winner 2019
Overall Winner 2019 © Ben Thouard / Red Bull Illume
red bull illume overall winner 2013
Overall Winner 2013 © Lorenz Holder / Red Bull Illume
red bull illume overall winner 2016
Overall Winner 2016 © Lorenz Holder / Red Bull Illume
red bull illume overall winner 2010
Overall Winner 2010 © Chris Burkard / Red Bull Illume
red bull illume overall winner 2007
Overall Winner 2007 © Fred Mortagne / Red Bull Illume
overall winner fred mortagne
overall winner chris burkard
overall winner lorenz holder 2013
overall winner lorenz holder
overall winner ben thouard
overall winner will saunders
zooom news 2024 red bull illume behind the scences image contacts reached

The numbers

Content creators worldwide submitted thousands of breathtaking adventure and action sports images and videos to the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2023. 

After the submission phase closed, the finalists, category winners and ultimately the overall winner were selected blindly by an international judging panel consisting of 52 judges. Many of whom are editors at well-known magazines and experts in their field, but it also included world-class athletes like Anna Gasser, Matthias Dandois and Will Gadd.

The overall reach across the website, social media and earned media for 2023 was an incredible 911,515,516 million contacts. Ensuring maximum visibility, your brand logo shines across all digital and physical assets, including websites, press releases, newsletters, flyers and posters.

Additionally, integration opportunities span from our own channels to earned special interest channels in the sports, photography and lifestyle media. Red Bull’s global communication channels further magnify the message across their powerful network. Moreover, Red Bull Illume Photographers are influencers themselves, spreading the word to their fan base. Former overall winner and 2023 judge Chris Burkard for example helped to share the buzz and excitement to his 4 million followers. 


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Become a partner

There are many opportunities to become a Red Bull Illume Partner. One is to become a naming partner of a category and award prizes to the winners – connecting with your potential next brand ambassador. Another could be to host one of the global exhibit tour stops, a great opportunity to invite your own clients to network or host your own launch event. Other opportunities include organizing a workshop for photographers using your products or creating dedicated content with Red Bull Illume. 

Generate sales through affiliate programs for all finalists (approximately 50 from all around the world) to receive products from your brand at a discounted price for a limited time. We also offer special deals to the Red Bull Illume Community via website stories, social media and the newsletter. Our favorite equipment is presented on redbullillume.com with links to your preferred sales channel while there is also the possibility to create a limited edition Red Bull Illume product. Guaranteed ROI includes free content, a global reach of about a billion contacts, sales promotion, logo integration and pro deals.

The Red Bull Illume Image Quest takes place on a two-year cycle, with the first year dedicated to the contest and the second year focusing on the activation of the winning images e.g. with the global exhibit tour. The 24-month cycle gives partners even greater value. 

Hit the link below to chat with us about how your brand can benefit from teaming up with Red Bull Illume. It's a great success story – be a part of it!

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