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It’s not a secret, it’s a strategy

Every brand, from a start-up to a worldwide icon, understands the power that lies in social media. However, there’s still a huge misconception that, if you post every day and get a ton of followers, your brand will be successful. Whilst it is true that constant engagement and gaining followers is good, it’s equally important to ask yourself if you’re talking to the right people; whether your messaging is consistent; or if you’re using the right platform.
As content creation specialists, we believe that content should grow your brand in an organic and meaningful way. Currently, zooom owns social media accounts with a total of over 1.6 million followers across all major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. When it comes to exciting content creation that keeps you wanting more, you can trust that we know all the tricks.

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Entertain and educate

Unlike the freedom you have on your personal social media accounts, a brand requires a lot more forethought and a well-planned, executable strategy. This involves everything from selecting the best suited platforms to speak to your audience, right through to choosing a design language, to coordinating which messages go on which platforms. One thing is for sure, the most successful content is entertaining or educational, preferably both.

We’ve been producing trending videos on YouTube within one of the most contested industries on social media: Photography tips and tricks with COOPH. At the start of this year, the channel reached the 1 million subscribers mark and still continues to grow every day. It’s the perfect example of content that is both engaging, and informative that uses natural product integration to gain brand awareness. We are always ready and on top of the latest trends, updated features, and of course, brand-new platforms- within 5 months of being on TikTok, COOPH had gained 30K followers.

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It’s more than just a post

Our expertise with social media is more than just sharing a cool video with the right hashtags, it is our understanding of the process that unfolds the full potential of a post. Content production for live and digital events is especially powerful for creating hype building up to the occasion, like for Red Bull X-Alps 2019, which saw 17 million impressions on Instagram feed posts alone. Talking to such a vast amount of people requires amazing community management, and we pride ourselves on our ability to connect with people, having created communities that share and interact for every client. To us, the community is the most important thing you have, because they dictate your entire social media strategy. After all, aren’t they who you need to talk to?

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Want to create an impression?

Our social media services are here to help your brand reach the right audience. Get in touch with us for a consultation on how to grow your brand’s success socially; to create a strong social media strategy; or conceptualization for single campaign activations, new content ideas, and content production.



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