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Continuing the legacy of Leica

What does it take to create outstanding work for a brand like Leica? Simply put, a team of photography fanatics that understand the intricacies of the photography world better than any conventional agency. Knowing the ins and outs of how a photographer thinks, we are able to create a strong connection to the consumers mind using natural creative insights and extensive market research that guides us in every step of the process. From structuring a solid brand positioning, conceptualizing global campaigns, executing the communication ideas and producing assets for major product launches - we’ve done it all.

Crazy or genius? Both.

No other camera brand is bold enough to make the choices Leica does. While some might consider them crazy, the many Leica aficionados worldwide are living proof to the genius behind their visionary camera concepts. Every decision at Leica is made with the photographer in mind, creating a world of products where true creativity and reduction to the essentials of photography are key. Leica cameras are not only famous for the technical benchmarks they continually create, but are considered iconic in their design and usability too.

zooom has supported the brand, starting at the very beginning – building an ironclad brand communications strategy. This involved working closely with the client to define a brand strategy, ensuring a clear vision and mission for the future. Along with highlighting the unique target markets, we continue to provide insights that guide every piece of communication from Leica. zooom provided an extensive array of photo and video content for the entirety of Europe as well as major product launches worldwide, including the Leica M10-P, the Leica M10-D, the Leica Q2, the Leica M10 Monochrom and the Leica S3.

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The most expensive photo we’ve ever taken

Worth half a million in insurance alone, we created the visuals for the 10 year anniversary of the Leica S-System using extensive amounts of original camera parts. Designed specifically for professionals, Leica’s most advanced camera system set the standards for all others to follow.

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leica app
leica app

Take fotos 2.0 everywhere you go

Leica knows that keeping up with the times is about more than just going digital. The real future lies in innovative solutions that streamline mobile workflow experiences. Understanding the significance of digital innovation, Leica produced designated apps for many of their products early on. Realizing that their enthusiastic consumers often had more than one Leica, it became clear that a unified app would better enhance their creative process. Today, Leica Fotos 2.0 once again revolutionizes the digital workflow of Leica photographers worldwide. With a seamless integration of Adobe Lightroom CC straight into the app, where users are able to transfer and edit their photos directly on their phone or iPad and share it with the world in the blink of an eye.

A new era of creativity

In a world where everyone competes, Leica co-operates. Realizing the limitations photographers have been facing, Leica decided to form an alliance with two key players in the market - Sigma and Panasonic. The L-Mount, an original invention of Leica, integrates into APS-C and full-frame cameras of all three brands, allowing countless lens and camera combinations, bringing the photographic community closer together as a whole.

To spread the news to the masses, our team at zooom created a unique and visually striking concept, supported by a wide range of promotional materials. From the initial creative spark to eye-catching video production across different continents, our campaign marketed the L-Mount Alliance in a way that lines up with Leica’s premium character. The main message: this is not just a revolution of inter-camera compatibility, this is the birth of a whole new world of creative possibilities.

What can zooom do for you?

Creating outstanding work is part of our legacy, it’s one of the ways we have helped build better brands for over 20 years. Get in touch and discover how we can help your brand today.





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