• AuthorSiobhaun Hieber
  • Published 03 May 2022

This is schöffel pro and zooom

Bringing outdoors into workwear

Schöffel PRO uses their history to innovate the future of their products. They understand the exact needs of someone who is faced with the elements every day, so it makes sense that they would extend this knowledge into a field where people need the most protection: professional workwear. 

We have been creating incredible campaigns with Schöffel for a couple of years now and in doing so have formed a great repertoire with the brand. So, when their sub-brand, Schöffel PRO, started thinking about initiating a complete relaunch, we’re happy to say that zooom was the obvious choice to do it! We immediately put our heads together and began strategizing their brand equity, designing their new look and feel, and creating a powerful new slogan: Geboren in der Natur. Geschaffen für die Arbeit. (Born in nature. Made for work.)

Elevating professional experiences

Schöffel PRO is an established player in the market and designs high-quality functional wear that elevates every wearer’s experience. Our campaign focused on three specific job profiles for the relaunch which involved sending our photo and video team straight into the action, whether it meant scaling a pillar at 2,000 meter altitude with the cable car technicians or standing right in the middle of a construction site.

The production took us from Allgäu in Germany, through Arlberg in Austria, and all the way to Vienna, Austria. We created a host of assets like key visuals and an inspiring video which shares the apparel’s capabilities and durability in all the different environments. We believe this brand relaunch is just the start of another great partnership with even more exciting projects. If you haven’t already seen the new Schöffel PRO campaign, make sure you check it out here!

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